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EMAIL: tcc300@verizon.net

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/tccbuildmyhouse

Philosophy & Core Values

As a General Contractor and Construction Company, TCC is unique in today’s environment because its owners also work on client job sites on a daily basis. This provides the client with the highest quality of work due to this personal attention. Tight quality control and constant communication between client and the construction team enables a smooth work flow and few misunderstandings which otherwise could lead to expensive and time consuming mistakes.

Although TCC may not always be the least expensive bidder on a job, we are confident in the overall quality and value our team provides our clients. We believe it is critical to have more experienced employees and sub-contractors that offer the highest quality of service with full guarantees. This commitment to quality from the beginning of a project leads to fewer overall mistakes and eventually lower costs to the client.

Customers TRUST TCC and its employees. We work hard to make sure the work site is cleaned on a daily basis and we have regular check-ins with our clients to give status updates and to make sure the project is meeting the client’s plans. TCC has one of the highest customer satisfaction results in the business. We get continual feedback on how honest our employees are and how clients “TRUST” us whenever we work on their project or work site. We understand that our work site may be your personal home and we ensure our team treats these surroundings with the personal care of our own home.

Our staff includes experts who provide a full range of professional services. Additionally, our company has gained a reputation for the quality of our workmanship in self-performed trades. Many of America's construction companies have moved far away from what first made them successful - putting the hammer to the nails and the shoulder to the wall. TCC hasn't forgotten this hands-on personal attention approach to all of its jobs. We know what true quality work requires and we do what it takes to make the finished results stand up to time and last longer.

TCC maintains a professional team of craftsmen in-house that are skilled in the following trades: rough carpentry, finish carpentry, doors and windows installation, and specialty items installation. If a project requires a unique service that TCC doesn’t have in-house, we have a wide range of resources available to provide that unique service at an agreed upon price.



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