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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods General Contracting/CM at Risk - TCC serves as both construction manager and general contractor employing a large number of skilled craftsmen and trades. We approach the project as a partner with the design team and owner.

Construction Management (Agency) -Using a partnering approach, TCC helps owners select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the design and construction team. Working together at the project's inception, the TCC team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges.

Design-Build – TCC has various partners that can provide a full architectural design for a large project. TCC has determined that having an “expert” provide the design services if required, serves the customer best. That way TCC focuses on its area of expertise – doing the actual building/constructing of the project and allowing other experts to work on the project design and changes that always occur.

TCC fosters teamwork and open communication with its partners and customers that is a necessary condition for a successful design-build type project. We do not pretend to be experts in all areas we just know we are experts in construction. We have done countless successful projects with hand drawn plans that are routinely approved by all the county planning departments. This saves the customer time and avoids significant expense.

Our staff includes experts who provide a full range of professional services. Additionally, our company has gained a reputation for the quality of our workmanship in self-performed trades. Many of America's construction companies have moved far away from what first made them successful - putting the hammer to the nails and the shoulder to the wall. TCC hasn't forgotten this hands-on personal attention approach to all of its jobs. We know what true quality work requires and we do what it takes to make the finished results stand up to time and last longer.

TCC maintains a professional team of craftsmen in-house that are skilled in the following trades: rough carpentry, finish carpentry, doors and windows installation, and specialty items installation. If a project requires a unique service that TCC doesn’t have in-house, we have a wide range of resources available to provide that unique service at an agreed upon price.

Complete, Coordinated & Constructible Documents

TCC places intense focus on making sure construction documents are complete, coordinated and constructible. When architects are required, we work in close collaboration with them to eliminate redesign, avoid job disruption and ensure all program and design priorities are delivered.

Our owners and employees are construction experts and they apply lessons learned from hundreds of past projects. Our field crews are right there on the job and are able to identify and avoid common construction pitfalls. Using our knowledge of the disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural) and how they interface, we resolve challenges on paper before we start moving dirt.

Project Services

TCC provides a full scale of general contracting services for almost any project. From preconstruction through final commissioning, we deliver custom requirements for your project. Our construction professionals will take you from concept to completion and give you a project finished to your total satisfaction.


Preconstruction Estimating - Providing project estimating and a reliable cost model drawn from a deep database.

Feasibility Studies - Analyzing life cycle costs for building system alternatives.

Scheduling – Develop a complete schedule showing what goes where and when.

MEP Review - Evaluating evolving mechanical, electrical and plumbing system concepts and coordinating engineering services.

Constructability Review - Determining ease and speed of the building process.

Risk Management - Controlling cost, schedule and owner objectives to mitigate risk.

Market Analysis - Understanding the unique requirements of your project in the context of market conditions and trends.

Cost Control - Providing the most efficient design and construction methods.

Quality Control - Monitoring methods, procedures and checks from start to finish with the goal of meeting established industry standards.


Progress Monitoring - Monitoring actual versus forecasted schedule/budget.

Change Order Management – Our communication limits need for costly revisions.

Quality Control and Testing - Validation of actual work to plan specifications.


Commissioning - Ensuring that building systems are designed, installed and activated according to owner's operational needs.

Lien Releases - Severing of contractual ties to vendors.

O&M Manuals - Development of operations and maintenance instructions.

Final Closeout - Completion of punch listed items and verify operational status.

One-Year Walkthrough – Ensure all issues are resolved and satisfied

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